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Class 11 Chemistry NCERT Solutions For Chapter 14 Environmental Chemistry

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Chapter 14 Environmental Chemistry

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NCERT Solutions Exercises Questions

Question 14. 1 Define environmental chemistry.

Question 14. 2 Explain tropospheric pollution in 100 words. 1

Question 14. 3 Carbon monoxide gas is more dangerous than carbon dioxide gas. Why?

Question 14. 4 List gases which are responsible for greenhouse effect.

Question 14. 5 Statues and monuments in India are affected by acid rain. How?

Question 14. 6 What is smog? How is classical smog different from photochemical smogs?

Question 14. 7 Write down the reactions involved during the formation of photochemical smog.

Question 14. 8 What are the harmful effects of photochemical smog and how can they be controlled?

Question 14. 9 What are the reactions involved for ozone layer depletion in the stratosphere?

Question 14. 10 What do you mean by ozone hole? What are its consequences?

Question 14. 11 What are the major causes of water pollution? Explain.

Question 14. 12 Have you ever observed any water pollution in your area? What measures would you suggest to control it?

Question 14. 13 What do you mean by Biochemical Oxygen Demand (BOD)?

Question 14. 14 Do you observe any soil pollution in your neighbourhood? What efforts will you make for controlling the soil pollution?

Question 14. 15 What are pesticides and herbicides? Explain giving examples.

Question 14. 16 What do you mean by green chemistry? How will it help decrease environmental pollution?

Question 14. 17 What would have happened if the greenhouse gases were totally missing in the earth’s atmosphere? Discuss. 1

Question 14.18 A large number of fish are suddenly found floating dead on a lake. There is no evidence of toxic dumping but you find an abundance of phytoplankton. Suggest a reason for the fish kill.

Question 14. 19 How can domestic waste be used as manure?

Question 14. 20 For your agricultural field or garden you have developed a compost producing pit. Discuss the process in the light of bad odour, flies and recycling of wastes for a good produce.

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