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Class 11 Notes For Informatics Practices Chapter 1 to All

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Chapter 1 : Introduction Computer System

     Part 1: Hardware Concept, Software Concepts, Primary Memory Unit, Output Devices

     Part 2 : Flow of Control in C, C++, Java, and Code wiht programming

Chapter 2 : Introduction to Programming Languages

     Part 1 : Programming Fundamentals, Java Operators, Procductiuity Tools, Binary language,OS

     Part 2 : Flow of Control in C, C++, Java, and Code wiht programming

     Part 3 : Flow of Control in C, C++, Java, and Code wiht programming,

Chapter 3 : Information Security and Social Neworking

     Part 1 : Relational Database Management System, Relational Data Model, DATA TYPES IN MySQL

Chapter 4 : It Applications E-Governance

     Part 1 : Getting Started with IDE Programming

Chapter 5 : Control Structures

     Three Types of Control structure 1.Sequence 2.Structure And 3.Iteration (loops)

Chapter 6 : Java IDE Programming – I , II & III

     Commonly Available Swing Controls In Java

Chapter 7 : Programming Guidelines

     GUI Programming Stages of Program Development Process Types of Errors

Chapter 8 : Database Management System

     DataBase Management System (DBMS) Relational DataBase Management System (RDBMS)

Chapter 9 : MYSQL

     Iportenets Features of MySQL, Data Types, SQL COMMANDS, Data Manipulation Language

Chapter 10 : SQL Functions

     Numeric Functions, Character/String Functions, Date/Time Functions

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